• China donates COVID-19 emergency medical supplies to Rwanda.

    The government of China has donated emergency medical supplies to help Rwanda in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  The supplies include; protective face masks for medical use, surgical masks, disposable protective clothing, infrared...

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  • Rwanda’s future in health driven by technology

    The future of Rwanda’s health and medicine gives array of hope owing it to great achievements over the years, directed at improving health and arresting causes of illness and death.  

    “Over the years, life expectancy has increased, and maternal...

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  • President Kagame inaugurates Rwanda Cancer Centre

    Over the last ten years Rwanda has made remarkable gains in health by placing the health and wellbeing of the Rwandan people at the forefront of the agenda. The health sector continues to strive for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) with the goal of...

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  • Jeremy Farrar applauds Rwanda for Ebola prevention efforts

    The Director of Wellcome Trust, one of the Government’s key partners in the Ebola vaccination programs, commended the efforts applied by Rwanda to prevent the importation of the Ebola virus into the country. “Ebola has never come to Rwanda and it...

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