Introduction to the Web Documentation of the 3rd National Food and Nutrition Summit   18-20 February 2014

3rd National Food & Nutrition Summit

Since 2009, the Government of Rwanda, with support from development partners, has pursued a nationwide effort to improve nutrition, particularly among young children, pregnant and lactating women. This effort includes a series of biannual National Food and Nutrition Summits. The 3rd National Food and Nutrition Summit focused on substantial national and international developments during 2012-2014 that are relevant to Rwanda’s commitment and actions toward eliminating malnutrition and improving household food security. The national forum shared important policy and scientific developments, current programme priorities, lessons learned and relevant strategies and intervention packages that address critical food and nutrition problems through both national and decentralized approaches.

 The Scientific Programme of the 3rd National Food and Nutrition Summit was organized into 17 Sessions with nine technical themes during the three day meeting. These were:

 . Evidence based Intervention Practices and Strategies for Improving Food and Nutrition

 ·  Prevention of all forms of malnutrition

 ·  Improving Nutrition in School

 ·  Prevention of Child Stunting during the First 1000 Days

 ·  Scaling Up Strategies to Improve Household Food Security

 ·  Multi-sector Planning and Monitoring: Lessons Learned

 .Community-based Food and Nutrition and Household Programmes

 · Quality Control and Support for Food and Nutrition Programmes

 ·   Decentralized Food and Nutrition Programmes

 There were more than 330 participants on all three days and these included leaders from MOH, MINALOC, MINAGRI, MINEDUC, and MINECOFIN. Others included multisector teams led by Mayors and Deputy Mayors from all 30 Districts and national and international Development Partners.

 As chairman of Rwanda Social Cluster Ministries, I was pleased to welcome all participants, attend several sessions. Prior to closing the Summit, recommendations were prepared, discussed and modified to become the Consensus Statement of the 3rd National Nutrition Summit.

 All available documentation developed in preparation for this Summit, all received abstracts and presenters’ biographical information and presentation slides as well as summaries of each theme are included in this report. As was expected, the primary theme of the meeting. Promoting the First 1000 Days to Prevent Child Stunting was at the center of many presentations and discussions. The importance of decentralized, multisector action to integrate district plans to eliminate malnutrition into District Development Plans and the use of the multisector approach at community level as well were among the many important areas discussed.

 The 3rd National Food and Nutrition Summit proved an occasion of not only scientific and programmatic discussion but a genuine strengthening of commitment by Rwanda’s leading specialists in household food security and by district leaders to PREVENT CHILD STUNTING through the “Thousand Days in the Land of 1000 Hills.”

 Please note that, although the Minsitry of Health is providing space on its website for the documentation of the Summit this event was very a multisector event..

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