The District Operational Research Challenge Fund: A call for Research Proposals


In collaboration with its partners, the Ministry of Health would like to invite all interested staff from district hospitals, district health units and graduate students to submit research proposals under the District Operational Research Challenge Fund (the DORCF).


DORCF aims to build and grow the capacity of MOH’s district hospital staff and young health researchers to research and implement sustainable public health programs. DORCF’s core strategy is to promote research activities in district hospitals preferably using data that is already available i.e. secondary data; to improve program implementation or service delivery in their respective districts/facilities.


    The District Operational Research Challenge Fund has two main objectives:


  • To incentivize evidence based decision making at sub-national level in the health sector.
  • To support the translation of “knowledge into practice” processes, skills sharing and peer learning.



Download the full  call for Research Proposals Initiates file downloadHere