PHFIS TWG Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for Planning , Health Financing and Information Systems Technical Working group

Chair: DG of Planning , Health Financing and Information Systems

Alternate Chair:PMEC Head of Division/RBC

Co-Chairs:USG / CTB

Alternate Co-chairs: SDC / WHO

Secretariat support: MSH (Rwanda Health System Strengthening Activity)

1. General Context. The Planning, Health Financing and Information System Technical Working Group is one of the 11 Technical Working Groups operating under the Health Sector Working Group.

This TWG has the mandate to provide technical support to the Planning, Health Financing and Information System General Directorate within the Ministry of health in term of Planning, Health Financing and Information Systems. The Planning TWG has also the responsibility to coordinate all activities undertaken by stakeholders working in the health sector in the area of Planning, Health Financing and IS. This TWG is composed by government institutions, development partners, civil society organizations, the private sector and representatives of decentralized entities working in the area of Planning, Health Financing and Information System of the health Sector.

2. Objectives: To support the development, approval and implementation of comprehensive and evidence-based policies, sustainable strategic and operational plans and budgets across the Health Sector, taking into account the contribution of the private sector

  • To support the coordination of the Health Sector financial and technical aid flows according to the Paris Declaration Principles on aid effectiveness and ensure their alignment to the established goals and targets embodied under the national guiding documents.
  • To oversee the design and application of planning and monitoring and evaluation systems and tools with the purposes of supporting effective planning, health financing and assessing the operational effectiveness of the programs of the Rwandan Health system
  • To support the coordination, the production and management of health system data and health information to make them accessible to the users and to ensure data use for decisions making
  • To support the districts ( DHMTs and DHUs) in the oversight and management of the decentralized health services
  • To support financial access of the population to quality health services in an equitable and efficient manner towards universal health coverage


3. Scope of Work: The Planning, HF and IS TWG will tackle issues pertaining to the Health Planning, Health Financing and Information Systems by;-

  • Providing technical support in the development and update of the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP)
  • Contributing to the definition and update of policies, procedures, guidelines, norms and standards for health services including payment mechanisms
  • Providing technical support in the development and review of sector, sub-sector policies and District Health Strategic and Action Plans and monitoring their implementation
  • Developing, updating and validating the health sector M&E Framework and reviewing existing M&E frameworks and tools in order to identify good models to expand.
  • Contributing to the monitoring of HSSP implementation through analysis of Health Sector Indicator trends, organization of joint field visits and preparation of Backward and Forward looking Joint Health Sector Reviews
  • Providing technical support to health sector institutions in the annual planning and budgeting process
  • Providing support to build the capacity of DHUs, DHMTs and DHs in Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation System.
  • Analyzing the existing evidence on burden of disease and funding to advise on priorities for future resource allocation
  • Coordinating all interventions/activities of Planning, HF and IS conducted in the Health Sector
    Reviewing and validating the decisions and recommendations from the sub–groups (technical teams, commissions, etc) of Planning, HF and IS.
  • Analyzing financial flows (National Health Accounts, Health Resource Tracking Tool, EICV, etc.) and financial management in the health sector (budget execution reports, audit reports)
  • Contributing to the development and utilization of standard financial management tools at all levels of the health system for greater efficiency.
  • Conducting costing of Health Sector Strategies including tariff of healthcare services at all levels
    Providing support to Capacity Development activities in the areas of Planning, Health Financing and Information Systems
  • Conducting Research and Evaluation in Planning and Health financing in line with the MoH Research Agenda
  • Playing an advocacy and advisory role in Planning, Health financing and information system
  • Contributing and participating in field visits, receive, analyzing and sharing feedback regarding the findings of integrated supervision, mentorship, quality of care, accreditation, PBF and insurance verification.
  • Validating technically the health sector and sub-sector policies and strategic plans with the support of a committee of experts

4. Membership: All the stakeholders (MoH, RBC, MINECOFIN, MINALOC, RSSB, RDB, DPs, NGOs, private sector, civil society) actively involved in the area of Health Planning, Health Financing and Health Information Systems can become members of the TWG. Membership is granted by invitation of the Planning, HF and IS TWG Chair and Co-chair. In appendix, is the list of Permanent Institutions and current members which may change upon request.

5. Roles and responsibilities: GoR/MoH assumes the role of the chair of the TWG. The chair has the following responsibilities:

  • Organizing and moderating regular meetings
  • Sending out the invitations in time to all members together with a proposed agenda
  • Sending out minutes and related documents to all members of the group in a timely manner
  • Communicating to SMM and Health Sector Working Group all important decisions taken during the meetings
  • Overseeing the implementation of the Joint action Plan of the TWG

In order to reduce the volume of work and to support MoH in their ownership, every TWG has a co-chair assumed by a partner organization. The co-chair has the following responsibilities:

  • Ensuring support to the chair in the organization and implementation of TWG meetings
    Presenting progress to the Health Sector Working Group prepared in close cooperation with the chair or during the TWG meetings with all members
  • Ensuring smooth communication among DPs
    In the absence of the Co-chair, the alternate co-chair has the same responsibility as the co-chair. Chair and Co-Chair are encouraged to meet regularly or when need arises in order to prepare and coordinate the TWG activities. All other members are encouraged to participate regularly and actively in the meetings and discussions. A secretariat function is also established to support the Chair and Co-chair in monitoring the work of the TWG, specifically by:
  • Supporting the preparation of the agenda and minutes of meetings
  • Providing logistical support and technical equipment if necessary and providing copies of working documents. Hosting of meetings will rotate among development partners and MOH .
  • Updating of the membership list
  • Ensuring a filing system of all documents related to the TWG (creating a shared platform on-line)
  • Conceiving an M&E system and following up on the implementation of the Joint Action Plan

6. Work modalities: The responsibility of the Planning, Health Financing and Information Systems is to translate objectives into concrete actions in the form of a joint action plan. The Planning, HF and IS TWG will meet quarterly on the last Wednesday of the month and on demand. Core teams will meet on a monthly basis. The TWG is working in an inclusive and active manner. Minutes will be produced at each meeting and circulated among all members. At the beginning of each Financial Year, the TWG will meet to elaborate joint action plan according to the health Sector Priorities. At the end of year, the TWG will conduct a self-assessment as far as the effectiveness of actions and the achievement of the planned activities and the objectives are concerned. The other activities could be organized during the quarter according to the action plan of the TWG (Workshop, training, Field visits etc…)

7. Core/Extended Teams/Commissions/Steering Committees: Any further technical team, steering committee or commission can be created or dismantled on demand with the consent of the TWG members as long as it contributes to the implementation of TWG joint action plan.