Director General Clinical and Public Health Services

Dr. Zuberi Muvunyi

Director General Clinical and Public Health Services

Bio: Zuberi Muvunyi, MD, MPH, MSc is the Director General of Clinical and Public Health Services in the Rwanda Ministry of Health where he leads efforts on ensuring quality health care delivery for Rwanda. He has more than twenty years of experience in health sector leadership, including managing HIV/AIDS control programs, hospitals, health insurance schemes and health care services in emergency contexts. He is a champion for accelerating digital health initiatives and using accreditation as a mechanism for raising the standards for health services provided in Rwandan health facilities.

Directorate Overview: The Directorate is responsible for coordinating the overall strategic management, policy development, coordination, oversight, and evaluation of health services. Further, the Directorate is accountable for the regulation and oversight of quality health services delivered at all levels, from the community to the tertiary levels. To maximize impact in these critical areas, there is a focus to identify and implement innovative digital health initiatives. The directorate is comprised of the following:


  • Health Policy and Regulation Unit: Develop and update health policies, standards, guidelines and health service packages and ensure the implementation of those frameworks for health service delivery through oversight of health facilities, health professional councils, environmental health and community health.
  • Health Services Quality Assurance Unit: Develop policies and strategies for quality improvement and implement and evaluate quality assurance and accreditation programs for the healthcare system.
  • eHealth: Develop digital health policies, strategies and plans and coordinate and monitor the implementation of digital health technologies across the sector.