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Minister of Defence tips Health Workers on Work effectiveness at work

Rwanda Minister of Defence, General James Kabarebe has tipped   health workers undergoing the Itorero  program on work ethics.

“If you define your goals, your work is made quite easy,” advised the Defence Minister.

Kabarebe spoke to over 800 health workers from across the country who are currently undergoing a two-week civic education, locally called Itorero, at Rwanda Defence Forces Combat Training Centre in Gabiro.The training started on Sunday and ends on December 5.

Participants range from staffers from the Ministry of Health officials, workers in referral hospitals, health centres and district hospitals, district leaders in charge of health care, workers from private health institutions, and partners in the sector.

The training aims to educate participants on values and taboos of their profession as well as of the Rwandan culture, helping them understand the future and goals of the country especially in the health sector, helping them understand the history of Rwanda, giving them a platform of sharing ideas so as to work for the development of the nation, especially through citizen centred service delivery.

The workers are being  trained by leaders in the health sector who underwent a training of their own earlier this month.