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168 Medical Doctors Deployed to Various Hospitals

The Ministry of Health has deployed 168 medical doctors [including 74
who are going to start their academic internship] into different
district hospitals. The remaining 94 doctors had just concluded a
one-year internship and they were assigned to fill the the vacant
spaces in district hospitals.

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Health Dr Patrick Ndimubanzi
urged new doctors to keep moral and professional values along their
duties. « your profession requires you to build good relationship with
other hospital staff and also to efficiently communicate with the
patients, » recalled Dr Ndimubanzi « Be always helpful to your
patients and never cease learning and sharpening your knowledges» he

Talking on behalf of his colleagues, Dr Fiacre Byiringiro Mugabe,
affirmed that completing the one-year internship boosted their
confidence hence equiping them with burning committment towards
assignments that await them.

According to reports, 46 District hospitals presented to the Ministry
of Health the need of medical Doctors to fill vacant spaces.

Nowadays in district hospitals across the country, close to 980
generalist doctors and 370 specialists are practicing.