• Rwanda’s future in health driven by technology

    The future of Rwanda’s health and medicine gives array of hope owing it to great achievements over the years, directed at improving health and arresting causes of illness and death.  

    “Over the years, life expectancy has increased, and maternal...

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  • President Kagame inaugurates Rwanda Cancer Centre

    Over the last ten years Rwanda has made remarkable gains in health by placing the health and wellbeing of the Rwandan people at the forefront of the agenda. The health sector continues to strive for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) with the goal of...

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  • Jeremy Farrar applauds Rwanda for Ebola prevention efforts

    The Director of Wellcome Trust, one of the Government’s key partners in the Ebola vaccination programs, commended the efforts applied by Rwanda to prevent the importation of the Ebola virus into the country. “Ebola has never come to Rwanda and it...

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  • Health care services to be taken even closer to the communities

    “Around 850 health posts have been constructed. Around the same number of facilities is as well planned to be built,” announced Dr Diane Gashumba the Minister of Health on her trip to Western Province on the eve of the new year. Together with Jeremy...

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  • ICASA 2019: A recap as we look toward the future

    As sessions came to a close, exhibitors began packing up materials, and many hurried to catch flights, the buzz in the air remained similar as a week prior when thousands descended upon Kigali.

    The 20th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually...

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  • The 20th Edition of ICASA officially launches in Kigali

    The International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) officially launched at Kigali Convention Centre on 2 December 2019. The conference aims to assess the contribution of community involvement, political leadership, and scientific progress...

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  • Rwanda Hosting ICASA is well deserved

    In less than a month, over 10,000 people from different backgrounds will congregate to Rwanda for the biggest international conference on HIV and AIDs in Africa (ICASA).  While diverse global participants with differing beliefs and values look...

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  • Advancing Minimally Invasive Surgery Techniques in Rwanda

    Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is continuing to evolve worldwide, as both technical advances and the skills of surgeons are becoming more sophisticated. In comparison to traditional open surgery, often requiring the patient to incur invasive large...

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