Rwandans cautioned against Malaria as Rwanda joins the Pan-African “Zero Malaria Starts with me” movement


The Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije advised Rwandans to be vigilant on Malaria prevention as a sure way of reducing related deaths during the launch of the “Zero Malaria starts with me” campaign in Rusororo, Gasabo District. The campaign aims at accelerating malaria elimination across the African continent.

“I call upon all Rwandans to take an upper hand in fighting malaria by practicing basic prevention measures like sleeping under Long Lasting Insecticide Nets. Nets should be used appropriately and effectively without diverting their importance, don’t use them for farming, fishing or any other activities outside preventing malaria,” advised the Minister of Health Dr. Daniel Ngamije.

Dr. Ngamije mentioned that Rwanda government is in a drive to distribute over 7.5 million Long Lasting Treated Insecticide nets as the country employs combined initiatives to end Malaria.  Rwanda’s joining the Zero Malaria campaign also unleashed new strategies to fight the disease using high tech drones to spray larvicides to reduce the adult population of mosquitoes and showcase other innovative vector control tools.

Rwanda is among a handful of countries globally that succeeded in driving down malaria cases in recent years. One key success factor is the increased use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, which went from 17% to 75% in just 10 years among pregnant women, contributing to a maternal mortality reduction of 72%.  Joining the campaign gives Rwanda a better avenue to confront Malaria, comparing notes with Africa and learning from the successful initiatives by other countries.


“There is no better way to start the Decade of Action to achieve Sustainable Development Goals than by celebrating the distribution of the 2 billion mosquito nets given  worldwide and another country joining the pan-African Zero Malaria Starts with Me movement. Together, we can achieve zero malaria within a generation—a major and historic achievement that will unlock economic and social potential of our communities, countries and the entire continent,”said  Dr Abdourahmane Diallo, Chief Executive Officer, RBM Partnership to End Malaria.

The Zero Malaria Starts with Me campaign, launched in 2018 by H.E. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda in his role as Chair of the African Union, seeks to build community ownership of malaria efforts and increase political commitment for malaria elimination.


“When such initiatives come to save our lives and give us good health, we get delighted and promise to play our part as citizens ,”said Joel Gasigwa, Gasabo District resident.