Terms of Reference for the Challenge Fund steering committee

The TOR in this document are for a steering committee composed of as subset of the Research TWG that will coordinate the operational research challenge fund and mentorship program.
1.      Main objective

The steering committee will oversee the implementation and technical coordination of the operational research challenge fund and mentorship program.  It will serve to:
2.      Scope of Work

  • Secure funds for the initial round of grants
  • Review and select research proposals
  • Select studies to be supported and award grants/prizes
  • Coordinate the assignment of mentors to each study and capacity building for selected candidates.
  • Develop the annual calendar for research proposals, selection and study dissemination workshop
  • Monitoring the progress of different studies
  • Agree on the annual budget and operational plan for challenge fund activities
  • Mobilize resources to sustain the challenge fund
  • Establish and update selection criteria for promoting operational research
  • Develop and update call for proposals, guidelines, and review plan
  • Organise and facilitate research results presentation/dissemination conferences
  • Reporting to the chair of research and KM TWG and HSWG

3.    Members of the Research and Knowledge Management Steering Committee

Chair and Co-chair:

  • Clarisse MUSANABAGANWA: Chair
  • Robert BANAMWANA: Co-chair


  • GoR Institutions representatives: Mecthilde KAMUKUNZI and James HUMUZA
  • Representatives of DPs and local NGOs: Randy WILSON and Dr Vincent TIHON
  • Representative of Professional councils: Dr Raymond MUGANGA


    Nadia Hitimana


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