About HMIS

After nearly 2 years of planning and preparation, Rwanda’s Health Management Information System (Rwanda HMIS) has been migrated to a new web-based platform since  January 2012.  The new system is built on the District Health Information System open source software (DHIS-2).  Over 700 data mangers and M&E staff have been trained to use the system which is accessible with virtually any internet connection.

Authorized users of the system can access the HMIS here: http://hmis.moh.gov.rw/hmis

This platform is also home to a variety of other data entry systems including:

The implementation of this new software is only part of a bigger  HMIS enhancement effort which also included:

  • Selection of a minimum set of health indicators
  • Revision of data collection tools including patient forms and registers
  • Revision of health facility reporting tools
  • Introduction of standard operating procedures for data management at health center and district hospital levels
  • Implementation of a routine data quality audit (DQA) system
  • Integration of private dispensaries and clinics

R-HMIS Systems

R-HMIS User Registration Form 


New users that require access to the R-HMIS, OR Existing Users that want to change/edit their current details, will have to complete this registration form. Kindly complete the required user information and forward all completed forms to your next reporting levelONLY after signoff and approval, will the user be created or edited. Emails containing your R-HMIS Username and Password will be sent to the email address specified in the table below. Existing users will also receive an email with regard to their requested changes.




R-HMIS User Registration Form (Click Here to Download)